At home, and on the road

Christiaan and Nathan are whipping out the good stuff in-house at Nora’s on Thursday, June 18, but the other side of our business is taking the good stuff on the road.

Gorge Catering is our alter ego. We do weddings, Maryhill Winery concerts, rehearsal dinners, lunches for retired pilots, the Trout Lake Arts Festival, and Thursday evening, we’re doing appetizers for several hundred people at the groundbreaking for Mid-Columbia Medical Center’s new Center for Mind & Body Medicine near the new Lone Pine resident development. It’s near the bridge exit. Hope you like the snacks.


3 responses to “At home, and on the road

  1. coming from portland today

    Anything special I should know about on tonight’s menu?

    • Yes, we’ve got Mountain Shadow lamb two ways: a lamb ragu, studded with lamb ribs, on our house-made gnocchi.

      We’ve got Copper River Salmon! Get it with Windflower Farm sugar peas, arugula, asparagus and fregola pasta, or as an entree salad with local organic greens in lemon chive vinaigrette.

      And finally, it’s a tripple melon chaat salad with mint, pickled red onion and chaat masala

  2. Won’t be able to make it after all, but REALLY appreciate your follow up and will be sure to dine with you in the very near future. (I’m especially sad to miss the salmon) Thank you again.

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