First Friday: new art, sun in The Hood

First Friday: New art from Jackie Avery

Our walls are out of our hands. Yep, thanks to Nathan’s masterful networking abilities, the lovely Myah Bailey of Hood River’s BenjaminBenjamin gallery is curator of a new show for us each month. Just in time for First Friday, we’re showing the work of Portland artist Jackie Avery.                          bikers

“I’m drawn to quirky photographs and old books as visual resources,” says Avery. “Most recently, I’ve been using an old photo album for my beach scenes, and a 1920’s picture encyclopedia to mine odd subjects. The paintings are acrylic on wood ‘boxes’, (unless noted,) and are painted on the edges, ready to hang. Each painting is sealed with my favorite varnish for extra luminosity & protection.”

Yikes: Could Yogi be right?

Yogi Berra once described a popular restaurant by saying, “It’s too crowded. Nobody goes there anymore.” Obviously, this week, that hasn’t been our problem. Where have all you people come from? It seems that summer has hit, and we have buckled down with our knives to be ready for you on July 3 and 4. It’s a great menu, jam-packed with Alaskan salmon, curries, rib eyes, pork shanks, profiteroles, melon chaat salad, cucumber arugula gazpacho, and those amazing fish tacos.

Our umbrellas are open, and we’ve got 16 outside seats. All our gorgeous waitresses are out in force. See ya around Nora’s Table. Gotta go.


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