Heat waves and media raves

Blame it on the heat: heard in our kitchen

Vampire Weekend is singing, “Walcott, don’t you know that it’s insane? Don’t you want to get out of Cape Cod? Out of Cape Cod tonight?”  …. as we are dragging our hot and tired behinds around the kitchen, and Nathan says, “You’ll probably never hear me say this again, but something smells really good in the dish pit.”

Yeah, we’re all a bit fried, but we’re here, and for the last two nights, wow, we’ve seen a lot of you. We got 12 calls yesterday asking, “Do you have air conditioning?” Well, yes we do! It won’t be 67 in here, but at 75 degrees in the dining room, it feels relatively chilly compared to the 105 outside. We turned the people away who showed up with their sleeping bags.

Kathy yells into the kitchen at 3:00 that reservations are already piling up for tonight. Christiaan says, “Why’d you have to tell me that now?”

Kathy recommens that he commence to clench … uh …. certain body parts in preparation.  Rainbow and Nathan make other “coping” suggestions from their prep tables.

Don’t you know that it’s insane? Don’t you want to get out of this heat, out of this heat tonight?

Fever Dreams of Wine Dinners

It’s gotta be the heat. We’ve all been having weird dreams. Kathy got an e-mail this week from Christie Reed, one of our hosts, with husband Dick, for our wine tasting dinner held at the lovely Wy’East Vineyard next Saturday, August 8. She wrote:

“Had my first ‘event anxiety’ nightmare last night:  You had just cooked some sort of poultry, it looked like a capon, I was carving up this single bird with portions for 40 people, being extra generous with garnish to cover up how little everyone was being served.  Then, as we were clearing plates, I realized that we had forgotten to serve ANY wine, guests hadn’t even said anything either, but there was a mad scramble to find glasses to start pouring! Maybe the heat’s getting to me….”

Kathy wrote back that she, too had a nightmare the same night. She got a phone call from a woman saying, “I’m standing here outside the White Salmon Dairy Queen, and there’s a sign that says if there’s anything wrong to call you, and I just want you to know it’s a Tuesday afternoon, and the place is all closed up.” And Kathy thought in the dream, “Oh no, I own a Dairy Queen, too?”

Brush those nightmares aside. Dinner in the vineyard will include five courses, and plenty of wine. Check our earlier post at the blog for dinner details. Tickets are still available from Wy’East.

And Kathy says she’s never going to own a Dairy Queen.

Get your steak on

Jim Hanna likes us. How else can you explain that we get our pick of his Mountain Shadow’s all-natural beef? This weekend, we’ve got a delicious filet mignon, wrapped in proscuitto, and served with Mosier Valley Organics fingerling potatoes, Hood River Organic mushrooms and red wine jus. The price? $21.

If it’s just too hot for beef, we’ve got lots of fresh fish this week, including salmon, scallops, rockfish and both clams and mussels. Christiaan is serving up the clams with his own hand-made chorizo and tomatoes.

Get some delicious fresh corn from Dickey Farms with our slow-braised pork shank.

And for the final word, last weekend, Nathan’s napoleons with crème anglaise and lots of fresh, local berries were such a hit, we’re bringing them back, for Saturday only, until their gone.

Our latest 15 minutes of fame

Stu likes to call him “Kristian Woodenpencil” because, darn it, it’s just too hard to remember “Kristian Foden-Vencil.” He’s one of our favorite Oregon Public Broadcasting radio reporters, and this week, he came out to interview Kathy for Part II of a series on how businesses in Hood River are fairing in the recession. Both Kathy and Rainbow said they imagined Kristian to be tall and angular, with a pronounced Adam’s apple. But no. Check out the photo of him on OPB, interviewing our lanky US Senator Ron Wyden, where he looks rather … short. He’s delightful in person, we are happy to report, and a windsurfer to boot. We’re not sure when the story will run, but we’ll send you a link when it does.

Nice reviews of us continue to pop up on Trip Advisor. And we are still, for one month running, the #1 rated restaurant in The Hood. Yippee.

Finally, Kathy was one of the featured Women in Business in this year’s special section produced by the Hood River News.


One response to “Heat waves and media raves

  1. I love reading every word you at Nora’s Table write and say! You definitely deserve to be #1 in The Hood. Thanks for ongoing smiles and, yes, occasional drooling — Vicki

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