First Friday and a birthday

First Friday and other distractions

We’re all wearing our metal undergarments, and we’re ready for you. Let the August First Friday roll! After a party of eight used a battering ram on the last First Friday to get a table, we’ve decided that it’s the better part of valor NOT to take any more reservations for Friday, and that means LOTS of open tables. First come, first satisfied.

Here’s some of what’s on the menu:
Two small-plate steaks: Medallions of tenderloin and Oregon albacore tuna with tarragon salsa verde (T&T&T?), or sirloin with tamarind-spiced chana dal and cilantro peanut chutney

Or go for the big-boy steak: a 12-ounce rib eye with Mosier Valley Organic fingerling potatoes, Hood River Organic mushrooms and a pan sauce

We’ve still got rippen’ fresh salmon, served with eggplant and olive caponata.

Our oh-so-tender pork shank is going out with fragoli pasta, mushrooms, and Dickey Farms corn and green beans.

If you haven’t tried our melon chaat salad yet, this is the week to do it, because right now, the melons are all coming from local farms. The flavor is simply amazing.

Rainbow whipped up a carrot coconut soup that tastes like….more.

Nathan and Rainbow are teaming up on some desserts, including a blackberry sorbet with an almond macaroon, and a passion fruit tart with blackberries. Our old favorite cappuccino crème brulee is making an appearance this weekend too. Rumor has it that Nathan’s bringing back the maple bacon ice cream on French toast next weekend, so get in line.

The other distractions? We’re catering dinner Friday night for kite borders participating in the KiteBoard Cancer event, and on Saturday, we’re up in Wy’East vineyard cooking a wine dinner (which is sold out). Catch us if you can.

Christiaan decamping to an undisclosed location

‘I’ve got one more in me, Kathy,” Christiaan always pines. By that, he means one more restaurant, preferably his own. His wish is coming true, sometime at the end of this year, or the beginning of 2010 with a breakfast-lunch-dinner spot (“American food done right!”) in White Salmon. All the details aren’t in yet, so we’re being just a bit coy.

What does that mean for Nora’s Table? Well, after we boohooed a bit (it’s a little hard to replace a crazy South African with the nickname Baboon) we realized, of course, that we have a very solid team here, and heck, White Salmon needs a darn good breakfast place, so how can we argue? Nathan, Kathy, and Rainbow will be carrying on without a hitch in our get-a-long. Our menu and our attitude won’t change a bit. Christiaan’s hanging with us for the time being, and we’ll keep you apprised of his new location as the details come together. So you can wish him well, but not goodbye just yet.

Our Mother turns one

Those of you who enjoy our bread service will know that we bake our own here, and that we’ve been nurturing our biga, or mother, for some time. In fact, our mother turns one year old on August 18. (Actually, she’s Mother II. Mother I died an untimely death when we forget to feed her one weekend.) Our one-year-old is good and sour and rich and ripe, and we feed her every day, to give you that big tasty bread to dip in your dukka. Happy birthday, Mother.

We’ll see you around Nora’s Table.


2 responses to “First Friday and a birthday

  1. Good decision on the reservations! I’m pretty sure I was the lead instigator of the battering ram party! I didn’t feel that ram-like that night, I just wanted to share my fav. place to eat with friends from out of town. The misunderstanding came when we were told a table would be ready in 45 minutes and more than an hour and some we still had no table at Nora’s. We would have gladly gone elsewhere if I would have been told it was going to be a cltrf. However, 4 of us did end up dining there, that night and it was fabulous. (OK locals, I KNOW I should not go downtown in search of food on 1st friday, 20 lashes for me)

    • As we say around here, “It’s all good in the Hood.” Yes, you are correct, First Friday is a crap shoot if you are looking for any kind of certainty, on a wait list, or even for a reservation. We can make a guess that you’ll have a table in 45, and then those people at that table, instead of paying their bill and leaving, decide to order a bottle of dessert wine and four desserts, and then tell each other their life stories. We feel frustrated ourselves, because we want everyone who walks in the door to have a great time, start to finish, and there’s just no possible way to do that during a First Friday Feeding Frenzy (the Four F’s, which is similar to a cltrf, but different). So come back later, and don’t forget us this winter, when you can roll a bowling ball through here and not hit anything.

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