Fit to be Teed … on, that is, as in T-shirt

Wanted: Pithy t-shirt commentary

People keep asking us if we have t-shirts for sale.

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Well, we would if we were clever enough to think up some erudite yet funny saying to splash on the back.

That’s where you come in. Help us with a t-shirt slogan, and after we print the things, you will win not just ONE, but TWO so you have one to wear when the first one is in the wash, because we know you’ll want to wear your Nora’s Table affiliation 24-7.

So, here’s what we’ve considered, and tossed out for what we hope will be obvious reasons:

“Veni, Vidi, Vittles: Nora’s Table” (although we really like this, we are not sure our installed base reads much Latin anymore, or has a clue what a “vittle” is)
“I licked it clean at Nora’s Table”
“I can eat you under Nora’s Table”

So now you see why we need your help.

Think hard. If you need inspiration, come in to dine. (Sorry, you have to pay for your own inspiration.) Deadline for responses: August 19. We’ll print your entries on August 20, and if we can’t pick a winner by then, we’ll start another round of readership input. Oy, the trouble we put you to. To reply, just leave a comment to this post.

Thanks a million in advance.

Here’s what we’re serving up this weekend

If you have an addiction, we can help. As long as your addiction is maple bacon ice cream. Because … it’s baaack! At least for Friday and Saturday. Or Friday only, if enough of the truly afflicted come in to order it. Yes, it’s still served on French toast.

And a couple of other items worth a special mention. Fresh figs are a brief and incredible blessing for just a few weeks in the summer. This weekend, we’ll be stuffing them with mint and goat cheese, wrapping them in prosciutto, and giving them a sear in browned butter. You are gonna enter nirvana, and it’s only going to cost 7 bucks.

And because we just can’t get enough of them figgies, we’re also serving our small-plate sirloin steak with Mosier Valley Organic fingerlings (roasted with rosemary and pork belly), Hood River Organic crimini mushrooms, and then drizzling the dish with a sauce of fresh figs and balsamic vinegar.

Those three items alone should have you aiming your vehicle towards us this weekend.

This Yelp’s for you

We can’t deny it. We love enraptured feedback, and so we send along this little post from Yelp. It warmed our hearts. Thanks.


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