Battle of the shanks

Lamb or pork? Pick your favorite bone

When the frost is on the pumpkin, our hearts turn to braised shanks, which are, simply, the most succulent way to eat meat we can think of. This weekend, Kathy and Nathan bring you: “Battle of the shanks.” Nathan is turning out his amazing, incomparable pork shank in a cinnamon red wine curry, with cumin rice and a mustard seed lime slaw.

Kathy, being no slouch in the slow-cooked shank department, is braising her old favorite, the lamb shank. She’s preparing these luscious fresh shanks from Mountain Shadow with a bit of a Provencal flair, with lemons, tomatoes and nicoise olives, on a big mound of Yukon Gold potato and artichoke mashers.

Of course, those are only our menu “anchors” this weekend. Here are a few more items on our plates:

Want a nice, small wedge of salmon, without committing to a whole dinner? Choose our small plate of salmon, seared, then roasted with pesto, served on a plate of our last, intense summer heirloom tomatoes, in extra virgin olive oil, for only $9.
Dickey Farms is still harvesting sweet corn, and we’ve turned some into our soup for tonight.
Rainbow is our new gnocchi master, and you can order a small plate of it, browned up nicely in butter, with cream, chanterelle mushrooms, and spinach.
For two extremely simple pleasures, we’ve got creamed lobster mushrooms on toast, or a fried egg on braised lacinato kale. Our dear darling landlord Tassie Mack had that egg and kale for supper last night, and Mike says she thought it was one of the best things she’s ever put in her mouth. Well.
And finally, we can’t forget our Mountain Shadow 12-ounce ribeye, which we’re serving on butternut squash polenta, topped with Italian salsa verde.

A goodbye

Happy Campers

Jennifer and Nathan enjoying the sun and suds at Hops Fest last weekend.

Last Saturday night was the last time you had the chance to be waited on by the smiling Jennifer Morgan, who just happens to spend her time off with Nathan Morgan, our sous chef.

Jennifer always brought a great spirit to each table. She loves the food (and the sous chef!) and it shows. But life is more than a restaurant … imagine that… and it’s time for Jennifer to focus more on her college course work, and less on wine pairings.

We are so proud of her for pursuing her education, and will miss her greatly. Thanks, Jennifer, for keeping us together when everything just wanted to fall apart.

Come see us often, in regular girl clothes.

A farmer’s lament

Congratulations to Rich McBride, our friend and some-time kitchen savior (called on when everyone else is home coughing into a blanket) for his successful deer-feeding program this summer.

Oh wait, that was supposed to be a garden. Rich appeared yesterday, somewhat hangdog. “I got more tomatoes on my two tomato plants at home than I did on the 80 plants out at the farm.” Yes, dear, but the deer really enjoyed those free-range caprese salads. Better luck (and fences) next year.

See you soon around Nora’s Table.


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