Falling into grace

It’s back: maple bacon ice cream

They say life imitates art, and if that’s true, how could it be that in Monday’s Oregonian comics, Dagwood reads about bacon ice cream, and immediately heads to the kitchen to try his hand at making it?

Fans will remember that we started serving maple bacon ice cream on French toast many months ago. Yeah, we know we’re not the FIRST to make bacon ice cream. We’re just the best. And because everyone needs a jolt of something extremely yummy to blunt the fall into fall, we’re bringing it back this weekend. We’re taking the “trick” completely out of “trick or treat.”

And here’s what else Nathan, Kathy and Rainbow are dishing up:

  • There’s still Coho salmon making it’s way from Alaska, and we’re serving it on white beans and celery root, topped with tomato confit and fennel frites.
  • Nathan has been in a pasta frenzy lately, and you benefit: oxtail and mushroom ravioli with oxtail gravy.
  • Get that zippy feeling from Ranchero steak with red chili sauce, roasted potatoes, onions and peppers, with masa crisps
  • Also back: Pumpkin samosas with mint coriander chutney
  • For our curry lovers: Cashew coconut chicken (or veggie) curry with cumin rice and grilled naan
  • For dessert, besides that MBIC/FT when spoke of, we’ve got roasted pear sorbet, chocolate mousse tarts, and those fabulous fried pear pies.

And for the grace part….

We are all deeply saddened this week at the death of Maggie Guth Bleakley, the lovely farmer of Mosier Valley Organics fame, at the age of 28.

Some people just glow from the inside, and that was Maggie. Grace  — unmerited favor — describes how Maggie lived. She liberally dispensed grace wherever she went, even to her plants. Her garden produced much more produce than should be possible from that small patch, as if even her plants were in love with her.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Silas, her parents and family and her many, many friends.


2 responses to “Falling into grace

  1. Kathy, If only you could e-mail me a Ranchero steak with red chili sauce- or maybe anything curry- and add a couple of pear pies with a pint of Double Mountain Hop Lava. If only!!!
    I like Texas, but I love Nora’s Table…

    • Barney, we can mail lots of things, but we can’t mail curry or love. You’ll have to come back to Oregon for both.

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