The wait, and all that

If you are one of the Christian faithful, you know that Advent is all about waiting….counting the days until the Blessed Event, that moment when we open our eyes to the Christ child, and if we are paying attention, really see Him, as if for the first time.  When all the commercialism falls away, we have just this moment, and it is worth the wait.

We certainly don’t want to compare ourselves to the Babe in the manager, but there is a certain amount of waiting that occurs at Nora’s Table, too. After one of our customers recently lamented waiting 40 minutes for dinner, we commiserated, and then explained how all our food is made from scratch, by hand, and carefully constructed, tasted, and artfully plated as you order it. We don’t have like, two proteins, two veg, two starches and two sauces that are, well, interchangeable.  Each dish is its own little island of flavor, and we are cooking as fast as we can.

Alas, that explanation doesn’t mollify everyone. So Nora’s regular and all-around pretty girl & country singer Michelle Goguen, suggested another reply for those who think we just take too long to say, get them a rib eye with gnocchi and roasted squash: “Really? Well how long does it take you when you make that at home?”

Thanks, Michelle.  But seriously, we are not trying to make you faint. We are just working our best to astound you with food.  So sit back, enjoy the bread and dukka, have a glass of wine, and smile at your neighbor, because you know it’ll be worth the wait.

The weekend selections

And here’s what’s worth waiting for this weekend:
Pasta lovers will be happy to find a section on our menu that shows off our house-made pastas. This weekend choose among gnocchi with smoked salmon, braised lamb on egg noodles, mushroom and Point Reyes blue cheese ravioli in light tomato sauce, or just a simple plate of egg noodles in tomato sauce and herbs.
Arctic char is back, over roasted in butter, with it’s crispy skin in tact.  We’re serving it on new potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, fennel and bacon, all tossed in a lemon cream herb sauce, for $17.
We have five seafood small plates this weekend: were serving seared scallops on saffron tomato risotto, with house-made chorizo. Get prawns sautéed in black pepper, coriander, kari leaves and garlic on a warm tamarind date chutney. There’s a buttery fresh Alaskan Coho salmon, served on curried braised greens with chaat masala yogurt.  And finally, our mussels in Goan curry with grilled naan, and our rockfish tacos.
For a couple of doses of lively Mexican chilies, choose between a barbacoa-style braised lamb shank with sautéed black beans, winter squash, chilies, garlic and cotija cheese. Or latch onto the grilled flat iron steak in ancho chili and fig mole with caramelized onion and ancho potato hash.

Twenty-one shopping days left to make your New Year’s reservation

As if you didn’t have enough on your mind, here we come reminding you that it’s not too early to reserve for New Year’s.  And if that’s not enough warning, then (bite the side of your hand and hold onto something firm) we need to tell you that we are once again closing for the month of January.  So your last chance to dine with us will be December 31, for one whole month.

But we’re going to make this easy on you: open reservations (no “seatings”) from 6:00 to 10:00, and open menu (no special multi-course meals).  And what’s going to be on that menu? Oh boy. Here are a few of the dishes we’re planning on, with more to come next week:

Small plates:
Dungeness crab curry
Oysters on the half shell with lime and fresh coriander
Cheese and charcuterie plate

Main courses:
Mountain Shadow lamb chops on fenugreek cream sauce
Duck breast on mole with goat cheese tamales
Filet mignon with gnocchi, pancetta, mushrooms and cream

Peppermint profiteroles with chocolate sauce
Marsala trifle
Poached pears with crème anglaise and almond Florentines

And at the bar:
The incomparable Stu Watson has agreed to tend bar for us on New Year’s Eve, and promises a toast-worthy chocolate martini, a champagne cosmo, and we don’t know what all else.

Give the gift of Yum

If trying to find just the right gift for your friends and employees is making you want to gnaw your arm off, we think we have the solution.  Gift certificates for Nora’s Table. Here’s the part that should make you extremely happy: for every $100 you buy, get $10 in gift certificates with your very own name on them. This is the only way we know of to get and give in the same transaction. Call and order, and we’ll have them ready for you to pick up.

See you soon around Nora’s Table.


One response to “The wait, and all that

  1. Oh my goodness – I really should stop reading your blog on an empty stomach! This all sounds superb. Wish we lived closer – especially after our amazing meal there a few weeks ago.

    Happy Holidays!

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