Two nights of romance, followed by a day off

The Calendar Gods were certainly thinking of us romance addicts when they planned February 2010. Because Saturday, February 13, or Valentine’s Eve as we like to call it, is followed by Sunday, February 14, which is followed by….a Monday holiday!

So to honor the trifecta, we are serving a luscious Valentine’s menu BOTH Saturday, February 13 AND Sunday February 14. (Avid Nora’s Table watchers will know we are usually closed on Sundays. So opening this Sunday, it’s what we do for love.)

Then, on Monday, we’ll wake up late and take a day off with everyone else AND we’ll be closed on Tuesday, February 16 as well. Got it? Open Sunday, closed Monday-Tuesday, for this week only.

And what’s to eat, you may ask?

Ah, nothing special.  Just crab and filet mignon and lots of chocolate for dessert. Actually, we’ll be serving our regular menu, with a few added must-have Valentine’s dishes. So here are some things to get hungry for:

  • Filet mignon on potato galette with port pan sauce and fois gras butter
  • Steamed artichoke with  lemon aioli and black olive and anchovy crackers
  • Crab and mussel curry
  • Scallops on cucumber noodles with ginger-scented oxtail consommé, scallions and toasted almonds
  • Skewer of prawns, pearl onions, chorizo and olives on romesco sauce
  • Rib eye with chimichiri and sweet potato frites with lime chili salt
  • Smoked arctic char and house-made gnocchi in  cream, lemon and dill
  • Fresh-shelled oysters in ocean-scented crème fraiche

And for dessert:

  • Chocolate French Silk tart
  • Chocolate soufflé
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, tropical fruits and passion fruit coulis
  • Cappuccino crème brulee

Call us for reservations, please. Thanks.

The things we missed

The only thing better than a month off in bikini weather is coming back to Hood River.  The past few weeks at home has reminded us of why we live here. And so, a few of the things that make our hearts flip-flop when we float, car bound, past Troutdale, and watch the world open up:

Miss Lucy peering over her glasses to put the perfect combination of flowers and weird green things in black polka-dot and purple paper, and tying it all with a turquoise ribbon.

Mike Kitts bringing us eggs and allowing how, sure, he’ll have a beer.

The girls at the Hood River Liquor Store who are old-world bawdy, and not a bit ashamed of it. Know any dirty jokes?

The look of amazement on Mike Kern’s face as he opens his new business, Snap Fitness, and instantly has hundreds of sign-ups.

How we all rooted for the Saints because, right now, who doesn’t love an underdog? Thanks for the onion dip, Steve.

Nathan bursting with new food ideas. “Oh, man, this is sick!”

Charlie Devereaux sitting on a pile of kitchen towels in Kathy’s office, just shooting the breeze.

Waiting for blue sky.

See you soon around Nora’s Table.


Check out the new wines

We are celebrating with Franco Marchesi, one of our favorite wine makers, who won double gold for his Sangiovese at the world’s largest wine competitive in San Francisco recently. We’ve got this luscious wine on our list for $29 a bottle. And for Valentine’s as a special treat, we’ll serve it as a glass pour for $8. Also new: Franco’s marvelous Barbera, an absolutely perfect food wine. Try it with Nathan’s house-made chorizo, manchego potato tot and crème fraiche.

Also new this week, in time for drinking with a chocolate Valentine’s dessert: Rich Cushman’s (Viento Winery) Nocturne, a luscious dessert wine made from really weird grapes you will never remember the name of, so don’t try. But try this, at $6 a glass.

Also from one of our favorite wine makers, Andrew Rich, have a bottle of Bruno, a red blend of Columbia Valley Rhone varietals. At $19 a bottle, it’s our best value, and easily drinks like a tone more.


2 responses to “Two nights of romance, followed by a day off

  1. Kathy,
    You’re my favorite sister. Thanks for all of the canned soup dinners you made while in high school. I was your taste tester. Somehow you made cream of tomato taste heavenly. Your little brother.

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