It’s the little things — ouch! — that count

Kathy is standing in the dining room trying to put the lid back on a coffee brewer that has returned from a catered wedding in an altered state. Doesn’t work, was  taken apart while on site by a person or persons unknown (who on the crew did this?) and now the appropriate screws are missing.  She dives into a little basket full of screws looking for one, and instead, pokes her finger with a sharp thingy. Ouch.

She looks into the kitchen, and there is Nathan making curry, Andrew is trimming artichokes and both of them  telling jokes.

Kathy opens a just-delivered package with our spiffy new plastic gift cards that will replace those paper gift certificates. Now, if she can just resolve the problems that have cropped up in the data base where the paper gift certificates are recorded, she can start selling the new ones. She calls the POS software company (that charges $500 a year for tech support) and asks how to fix the database.

“Well, we’ve got this little ap we create that let’s you clean up corruption in parts of your database, but we don’t support it.”

“You don’t support it?” Kathy asks. “What does that mean?”

“Well, it means that we’ll help you download it, but we won’t help you use it. Could corrupt your whole database.”

“Let me get this straight,” says Kathy, sucking on her cut finger. “You created this thing, you’ll e-mail it to me, but you won’t show me how to use it?”

Exactly. Ouch.

Kathy looks into the kitchen. Nathan and Andrew are straining soup stock and telling jokes.

Kathy heads out to the truck in a steady rain, and unloads new pots and plants. Through the windows, she can see Nathan, his mouth open in a laugh, and Andrew roasting peppers on the grill. She lugs the pots through the rain to the front of the restaurant, starts to drag the old rain-soaked ones out of the way …. and then she feels that familiar pop somewhere between her shoulder blades. Ouch.

Wet,  nursing a sore back, and still sucking on a cut finger, Kathy drips back into the restaurant.

Nathan comes up to the bar, “Here, taste this,” and pushes a spoon in her direction. Her eyes light up.

“Hey, let’s trade jobs for the rest of the day,” she says.

“No way!” says Nathan.


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