Be the foodie in the hole and help Waterfront Park

One of the best things about hanging out in our kitchen is getting to dip your spoon into all the delicious stuff we cook each day.

Just yesterday, Rainbow (our newlywed and pastry chef) called Kathy back into “the hole” to taste a warm fudgy chocolate pudding cake that had just come out of the oven. That was the groan heard ‘round the kitchen. (By the way, that cake is on the menu this weekend. Yikes.)

Then, there was Nathan offering tastes of an amazing tomato shallot jam that’s resting on our scallops. And Andrew dishing up a spoonful of amarillo mole that’s napping our Mountain Shadow pork loin.

So we got to thinking about how much a foodie would love to come sit in “the hole,” which is a prep and storage area back behind our cook line, and just get fed tidbits and yummys and wine and josh with us for an hour or so. During service, when the lucky foodie may have to duck to avoid the melee.

And then we got to thinking how we should make said foodie PAY for such an experience, for a good cause, of course.  And since we love the Waterfront Park, you can be the foodie in the hole who help us raise money for a picnic table, which will be named (how cool is this?)  “The Patrons of Nora’s Table.” The picnic table costs $2,500, and it may take us a while to raise that much, but we’ll start the bidding at $50 for a night in the hole. So let’s hear it for the foodies who offer  up at least $50 towards  the picnic table, and get  fed, if not in style, at least the way we eat in the kitchen: with a big spoon, out of the pot.  Just reply, and claim your night.

We got the cheeks; can the rest of the fish be far behind?

You know it’s spring when … fresh Alaskan halibut is available. What better way to celebrate March 20, the official first day of spring, (or better yet, March 19, the LAST day of winter) than with halibut.

Alas, those early fish come at a price, and it’s not one we think you’d be willing to pay for a serving of fillet.  Lucky for you, for some reason, the lowly halibut cheek is much cheaper, and we think, delicious. For those of you who haven’t had cheek before, we hasten to explain it’s from the facial area of the fish, not the rear end. It’s just this nice, little oval jewel which pan-sautés beautifully, and takes to sauces like, well, a fish to water.  And as soon as the price of fillet comes out of the stratosphere, we’ll sell you some.

In the meantime, get those cheeks while ye may. We’re serving them with fresh grilled artichoke hearts on polenta with Swiss chard, peperade and fennel frites.

After its smash opening weekend appearance and rave reviews, the water buffalo burger is back for an encore performance.  We are so in love with this burger, and it’s easy to see why: Nathan grinds it fresh; Rainbow makes Nathan’s special buns; we serve it with our own pickled onions and zucchini; it gets dressed in hand-made bacon aioli and Tillamook cheddar;  and finally, it’s served next to fresh-cut Belgian fries.

We’re delivering our Mountain Shadow pork loin in the aforementioned amarillo mole with peruano beans and roasted poblano slaw.

We’ve got a fresh tamale filled with house-made longaniza pork sausage, and served on a tomatillo poblano cream sauce.

The oxtail croquettes are back too, in a mushroom bordelaise.

Joining that gooey fudge cake on the dessert menu? A carrot cake spiked with amarillo chili. Really.

Two weeks to go for free tacos

Better open your calendar and schedule yourself in to Nora’s Table for the next two Wednesday nights, because come April 1, our 2-for-1 taco night goes away for spring and summer. Why not run it year round? It’s our little way to say thanks to you local guys and dolls who support us through the fall and winter. And besides, you shouldn’t eat that many tacos, anyhow.  Not when there are so many other great things on the menu, that is.

And with that, we’ll see you around Nora’s Table.


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