That whooshing sound? It’s summer slipping away

We went from window air conditioners to fleece in a heartbeat, didn’t we?  We were thinking it would get slower in the dining room this week, but not so much.

We do have some nice things planned for fall, just so you know. Come October, we’ll start taking reservations again. But just remember: NO you cannot reserve that table up by the fireplace. You and everyone else want that one, and we love you, but hey, we love everyone.

And in October, the chef’s tasting menu returns.  Nathan also has some wonderful “dinner for two” dishes planned.

Kathy will be out and about cooking at a few wineries and vineyards too: Cerulean on September 25, Domaine Pouillon on October 16, and Marchesi on November 6.

We’re thinking of bringing the “two-for-one” nights back in October, too. But won’t you be surprised when you find out what’s two-for-one. That’s all we’re saying right now, and we’re sticking to it.


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