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Holiday party in your future? We can help

Another gentle nudge, if you’re thinking of planning a holiday party. Small groups are welcome here in the restaurant, and if you want a special lunch, we’ll do it, just for you. Our catering crew is also more than happy to travel off site, too. You can visit the web site for our Gorge Catering division, click on “menus and pricing” and then “holiday menus” for some ideas of what we can do.

Our dates are filling up, so put down that hot cocoa and give us a call.

The week we’re pretending wasn’t

No question, November is the cruelest month, at least for restaurants in the Gorge. We endured a few nights of standing around last week, which we’d rather forget. Our only solace? We talk to other local chefs, quietly, about how hard it is to keep a vibrant menu intact, or get that beurre blanc just right, only to throw it away, barely touched, at the end of the night.

We find creative (but time consuming) ways to keep things fresh, making but a few of anything, when our fast hands and big kitchens could make so much more, then starting all over the next day to make a few more.

We should be thrilling to the slower days, and once in a while, we can get our heads in that space for a few hours, but eventually it will be 5 p.m., and then 6, 7, 8 and 9, with the door only opening sporadically.

Nothing makes a cook happier, and we mean this sincerely, than to see people eat our food, watch their eyes roll back, see them point to something on their plate and urge their dining companions to just try a taste. It’s really what we live for. And sometimes in the depths of the darkest weeks of November, we miss it. Just so you know.

But as they say, this too shall pass, and we will see our friends in the dining room quite a bit over the next few weeks as they celebrate, or fill up after skiing or snowshoeing. Or shoveling the walk. Which we should go do as soon as we finish writing this.

What’s better than a quiet, intimate twosome on Cheap Date Night?

How about a raucous six or eight? We know families are home for Thanksgiving, and we know you’ve all got a jones for our fish tacos. So here’s our Cheap Date Night for Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve: you guessed it …. Fish tacos! Two orders (four tacos) of our fresh rockfish tacos on our hand-made masa tortillas, with chipotle slaw, cotija cheese, cilantro and lime. For $8! We’ll be here for you.

And by the way, NOT here for you on Thanksgiving Day, when we’ll all be with our families. Best to you and yours.

Stu is Twitterpated. Kathy, not so much

For such a manly man, Stu is certainly enamored of something that can’t be sailed on, lifted over his head, or experienced while going downhill in a hurry.

He’s exploring, to Kathy’s way of thinking, the outer reaches of social networking, namely, Twitter, which Stu tells her is so yesterday that she better get her arms around it soon before it’s entirely passé.

Whatever. “I’m only interested in duck confit,” she tells him. “I’ll leave the chattering or cheeping or whatever it is to you.”

And so, the manly man has now added a Twitter sign-on logo here, and if you sign up and follow us, amazing things will happen. (Or so we’ve been led to believe.)

The first of which is that on Friday morning, November 26 (also known as Black Friday), we will send out a Tweet to all of you who are following us on Twitter, about an exceptionally good deal in the dining room on Friday night, which you may only get if you read about it on Twitter, where we will assign a secret word, or some such wink-wink, nudge-nudge notion that will let you come in and GET it.

Think of it as Chirp Chow. How very modern is that?

It looks, smells and tastes nothing like turkey

And now, just in case you’re wondering, we’ll close with what ELSE will be on the menu for the Thanksgiving weekend (Friday and Saturday), and let us assure you, none of it even vaguely resembles turkey.

  • Oregon coastal Chinook salmon, creamy meyer lemon brussel sprouts, fennel and onion confit
  • Pan roasted pork loin vindaloo, golden raisin chutney, cauliflower and potato curry
  • Spanish-style bouillabaisse with scallops, prawns, and mussels, baby red potatoes, Romesco crostini
  • Roasted pear, kumquat and pumpkin salad in sage molasses vinaigrette, pecan crostini
  • Caramelized onion soup, Italian gorgonzola
  • Provencal duck confit with olives and tomato pan sauce, pommes frites
  • Seared scallops, sun-dried tomato salsa, crème fraiche, masa sopas

And from the delightful mind of our pastry chef, Rainbow Trosper:

  • Chocolate peanut butter semifredo
  • Pear pinwheel tarts
  • Meyer lemon crème brulee

See you around Nora’s Table




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