Lack of imagination, or love of tacos?

You might think we lack imagination: it’s tacos again

After selling 90 tacos last Wednesday, Kathy decided it was really fun to watch Justin in hyper-drive, slapping those masa tortillas on the griddle, sliding piece after piece after piece of rockfish onto the flat top.  Justin said it sure did make the time go fast. So because Kathy likes to imagine retirement, and Justin likes the time to fly, we decided it’s tacos again for Cheap Date Night this Wednesday, March 23.

That’s right, two orders of tacos for $9.

And for next Wednesday, on our very last two-for-one night until next October, we’re scratching the ol’ noggins and thinking about a way to really astound you. But we haven’t figured that out yet. Stay tuned.

And for the rest of the week …

  • Our yummy little potato masa boats called sopes are back, stuffed with grilled prawns and chili de arbole salsa.
  • Hood River Organic is bringing us some beautiful golden beets, which are finding their way into a salad with fresh grapefruit, dressed in chaat masala yogurt.
  • Crispy skin arctic charr, fried house-made egg noodles, Asian ratatouille
  • Moroccan spice rubbed Mountain Shadow lamb chops, toasted cous cous, peppers, squash, eggplant, feta cheese, sultanas, preserved lemon mint gremolata
  • New Mexico style open faced oxtail enchiladas, red chili sauce, peruano beans with pork belly and popblano chilies
  • Duck confit, sauté of organic fingerling potatoes, snap peas and pancetta, fig and parsley salad
  • Our veggie entrée is a creamy tomato curry with house-made paneer and asparagus, cumin rice and grilled naan

And for desserts, Rainbow has a stunning line-up planned:

  • Rustic rhubarb tarts, honey lavender creme anglaise
  • Double chocolate manderine charlotte,  mint and manderine sauces
  • Carrot cake with coconut cream cheese ice cream


Want to see us when the moon shines?


We have heard from many of our regulars that they would like us to stay open later, especially on the weekends. So, coming soon: we’ll be open to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday. When? Soon. We’re waiting for all the regular harbingers of summer: Mike’s Ice Cream has to re-open (April 1, by the way), the weather has to warm, and all our friends have to come home from around the world. So we’ll let you know when the stars align. Until then, we’ll see you around Nora’s Table, Tuesday through Saturday, until 9 pm.





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