Our condiment conversion is complete

Faithful readers  will remember that we no longer put the big number ten cans of ketchup in the ol’ can opener. We’ve weaned ourselves from Heinz, and for that matter, from French’s and Grey Poupon, because we are making our own ketchup AND mustard. (And the mustard is made with Double Mountain beer, for an extra-special local flavor.)

But we must be honest: we’ve been dependent on Best Foods for our mayo, most of the time, unless we have had the time to whisk up some fresh aioli for special dishes.

Until now. From now on, anytime you see aioli or mayonnaise on the menu, it’s hand-cranked. By us. And right now, you can taste it flavored with our own blended and fresh ground curry, in a delightful little quenelle atop our artichoke soup.

Our own ketchup, mayo, mustard. Next up: we’ll be pressing our own rice bran oil for our fryers. Not. Just a joke, six days late for April Fools.

Recognize that orange peel? It’s coming to a garden near you

We are beyond super excited this week to share the news that Dirt Hugger is picking up our kitchen scraps for composting.

If you don’t know about this company, they are a start-up business here in the Gorge that has created a composting facility on an old mill site in The Dalles. They practice windrow composting of fruits and vegetables, yard clippings and other green matter. In cooperation with Hood River Garbage, which is doing the actual pick-up at the restaurant, Dirt Hugger is making it possible for us, other restaurants, fruit growers, wineries, etc., to keep tons of organic material out of the dump. And,  … this is the best part … turning it into rich compost, something the earth really NEEDS back.

Even more exciting (if we could be more excited) is that in a few months, Dirt Hugger hopes to have an additional permit from the state Department of Environmental Quality to accept something called “post consumer waste” which is anything our guests have nibbled on in the dining room, including bones, meat scraps, dairy, fish, etc, plus all the meat and fish trim from the kitchen as well.  Since we already recycle as much as we can, what goes to the landfill from the restaurant will be nearly reduced to zero in the year ahead.

But in case you want to clean your plate …

We’ve got spring morel mushrooms in the house! And some lovely salad greens from Quercus Farm. Yippee.

  • Tuck into our oxtail cannelloni, with our own fresh pasta, wild nettles, organic arugula, napped in a rich béchamel and oxtail jus and piled high with parmesan.
  • Duck confit, gnocchi, spring morel mushrooms and Portobellos, cream and herbs, fennel frites
  • Veggie entrée: Grilled eggplant roulade with Israeli feta, mint and walnuts, on crispy Yukon Gold potatoes and Greek tomato sultana sauce
  • Pacific seabass, coconut lemon grass risotto cakes, green papaya salad, citrus miso vinaigrette

See you around Nora’s Table




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