Clean the Gorge, clean your plate

We have only two words for you

Razor clams and lamb shanks. Well, that’s four words, now, isn’t it?

After it seems like an eternity, we finally heard this week we could get those yummy Quinault razor clams we’ve been “clam-oring” for (sorry, couldn’t resist) for a while now. So we’ll serve them up with fried polenta and Aleppo pepper crème fraiche. We’ll start serving them on Friday night, and if there’s any left for Saturday, you might get lucky if you come in then.

And lamb shanks, just in time for Easter. Because we’ve never really understood the American tradition of celebrating the resurrection of a Jewish man by eating ham. So we’re braising them in a Provencal tradition, and serving them with plenty of olives, parsley and lemon, on roasted potatoes with fresh California baby artichokes.

It’s your chance to clean up

Itching to be earthy? There are three great oppies for cleaning up the Gorge this Saturday, April 23, for Earth Day:

Downtown Hood River: Meet at the library park at 10 am on Saturday. Bring your gardening tools and gloves, and enjoy a pizza party at Andrew’s afterwards. Sponsored by the Chamber.

Rowena: If this is your favorite spot to windsurf, join volunteers from Columbia Riverkeeper and Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association, with assistance from SOLV, who will be spiffing up the park area. Meet at Mayer State Park Saturday at 10 am.

Waterfront Park: Sponsored by the Waterfront Community Park Association and Columbia Riverkeeper, you can help maintain our gorgeous waterfront park, and see all the new stuff (like the picnic shelters!) if you’ve been away all winter. Event starts at 9:30. Bring your gloves and tools. Coffee and juice will be available. Bring your kids, but leave the doggies at home.

Then we’ll see your tired (but happy community-minded) bones around Nora’s Table for dinner.


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