Get a wearable pig

New art, First Friday

We want to see Cyndi Strid’s garden. It must be a weird and wacky place, if her new exhibit, “Circle Works 2011: Color Envy in the Garden,” is any example.  Leaves, heirloom vegetables, blooms and koi compete for your eyes. Microcosm segments of hardscape, earth, sky and water explode into phantasmagoric displays. You’ll see Cyndi’s art on our walls for the month of June.

Which of course begins with First Friday. It’s a gorgeous morning here in The Hood, and we’re shaking out the umbrellas and setting the outside tables for tonight, too. Here’s some of what you’ll find on our menu this weekend:

  • Columbia River “almost summer” spring roll of red pepper candied Springer salmon, Windflower Farm spinach and pea shoots, Thai basil, carrots, jicama, macadamia nuts, with a citrus miso dipping sauce
  • Bourbon and molasses braised beef short ribs, ginger sweet potatoes, and Mosier Valley Organic sorrel and spring garlic salad
  • Gnocchi in brown butter with our pancetta, ramps (wild leeks), grana cheese and a fresh farm egg
  • Provencal braised Mountain Shadow lamb shanks with lemons and olives, on our pappardelle pasta
  • Salad of Zion Farm spinach, pickled corona beans, shaved Parmesan and candied bacon, apple cider mustard vinaigrette
  • A big, fat 12-ounce Cascade Natural rib eye steak with roasted potatoes, tomatoes, and poblano chilies in oxtail jus, and Vidalia ancho chili onion rings

A new way to quench your thirst

David Logsdon and Chaz Porter brought us in a taste of their new Logsdon Farmhouse Ale and we instantly added the big bottles (750 ml; same size as a wine bottle) to our menu. This luscious bubbly will go fabulously with many of our big, spicy dishes. Ask for a bottle this weekend.

Get a wearable pig

We’ll be sporting our new t-shirts tonight! And you can take one home for $15. Rainbow Trosper, our sous chef and pastry chef, and a darn fine artist, drew a happy, smiling pig a few weeks ago, and tacked the drawing to the wall in the hole, our all-function storage room/French fry sneaking room where we grab a bite during service. We couldn’t resist the pig, and she’s now on the back of our t-shirts. Thanks to the great crew at Northwest Graphic Works for bringing our pig to a t-shirt near you.

See you around Nora’s Table.





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