The strawberries that got away

Blayney Myers of Quercus Farm stopped by yesterday on her way to the Thursday farmer’s market at May St. School. (YES! The market IS open!) She brought us some spring garlic and greens, and then she casually mentioned that she had strawberries in the car, headed for the market.

“You wanna see ‘em?” she asked in that sweet, warm strawberry-kiss of a Louisiana voice.

Oh yeah we wanted to see them. And there they were, in the back seat of the Subaru, six pints, grown at 300 feet elevation on the Washington side, where the sun has already done its magic. Blayney looked at Kathy. Kathy looked at the strawberries.

“I really want them. But. I think you should take them to the market. The market needs those strawberries right now.” Blayney smiled and nodded in agreement. After what seems like forever the rain and gray has made us wonder if we’ll ever see anything bright red again. And here is proof, at our own, wonderful farmer’s market.

So somewhere out there, six happy families are eating those berries, and we’re not. But there’s always next week. And Blayney will be back.

So what else have we got?

No strawberries, yet. But this week, here’s what our farmers brought us, and here’s what we’re doing with it: tons of greens, tai soi, green garlic, spring onions, sorrel, arugula, portobellos, pea shoots, spinach, baby celery, broccoli, broccoli raab. You didn’t know that much was growing here yet, did you? And on our menu:

  • Oregon coastal salmon in sorrel sauce,  salad of pea shoots and arugula, with gnocchi in brown butter, spring garlic and roasted Portobello mushrooms
  • Beef oxtail pot pie with marble potatoes, snap peas, spring garlic, and carrots
  • Mountain Shadow beef and pork, in tender meatballs, pappardelle pasta, and tomato vodka cream sauce
  • Mountain Shadow lamb ribs, roasted and then dipped in chickpea batter and fried, with cherry chutney
  • Fenugreek tomato cream curry with broccoli raab, tai soi, snap peas, rice and grilled naan
  • Zion Farms spinach salad, candied bacon, pickled corona beans, snap peas, shaved parmesan, sherry mustard vinaigrette
  • Columbia River spring rolls with red pepper candied spring salmon, spinach, Thai basil, peas shoots, carrots, jicama, macadamia nuts, miso citrus dipping sauce
  • Creamy asparagus soup, green garlic aioli

Zero degrees of separation

Keely Reed, of the Wy’east wine family, stopped by last night to deliver some Pinot Noir, and then to sit at the bar and snack on that fabulous spinach salad. Chef Kathy said, “It’s so great: Glen and Patti Pearce are coming in tonight.”  Connections run deep here, and Keely’s eyes popped open. “It’s Patti’s birthday! Can I buy her a dessert?” So Keely wrote a sweet note to Patti on a dessert menu, and Glen and Patti and Patti’s mom Donna came in and had steak and meatballs and pot pie, and then a nice birthday treat from Keely. A fun time was had by all, including our sever Heather, who loved the look on Patti’s face when the card from Keely arrived at the table.

Aw. Isn’t that the Hood we love? See you around Nora’s Table.




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