The European way to pay

Oh, so European!

If you’ve traveled in Europe or Canada lately, you are surely acquainted with paying by debit or credit card at your dinner table with a hand-held credit card processor. This is a really safe way to pay because your card never leaves your possession. And it lets you pay by debit card, which saves you AND the restaurant a lot of money on interest and credit card fees.

Guess what? We’re going European! This week, we are presenting your check and a nifty hand-held credit card processing unit at your table. Every week, at least once, someone leaves their credit card at the restaurant. Not anymore. And we hope you will consider using your debit card when you dine. Credit card fees for small merchants like us have become very burdensome. We could hire another cook for what we pay in fees each month. So when your server asks if you would like to pay with a debit card, we would really appreciate your consideration. And yes, we do love cash!

Breezy days, long days, and our menu

We love the faint evening light that’s still hanging on the Gorge landscape when we close the restaurant at night. And the wind has been beautiful the last few weeks, keeping all our wind nuts happy.

Here’s what’s on for the next few days:

  • Copper River sockeye salmon, gnocchi in brown butter with mushrooms and spring garlic, salad of pea shoots and arugula
  • Mountain Shadow lamb chops, farro risotto with organic asparagus, blueberry conserve
  • Seared divers scallops, fresh corn puree, Eversummer basil and arugula persillade with pancetta grape mustard vinaigrette
  • Whole leg duck confit, red chili mole, fresh corn pudding, jicama and zucchini salsa
  • Zion Farm spinach salad, candied bacon, Windflower sugar snow peas, pickled corona beans, shaved parmesan
  • Creamy Windflower celery soup, blue cheese croutons

Gravy Dave’s? Think about it.

Our chef and her darling husband Stu and the two “babies” Bella and Spencer, are heading off Sunday to celebrate Kathy’s double-nickel birthday in the lovely town of Union in the Wallowas, where we will hike and no doubt eat at Gravy Dave’s, one of two restaurants in town. We love the name, Gravy Dave’s, and are wondering how many of the dishes will come with said sauce. Salad and gravy? Dessert and gravy? We’ll let you know how that goes.

See you around Nora’s Table!


4 responses to “The European way to pay

  1. Too bad it’s not Wallawa Wavy Gravy Daves. Enjoy!

  2. Michelle McGrath

    Happy Birthday, Kathy!

    • Michelle, I’m so sorry I didn’t even get to greet you on YOUR birthday last week. I hope you and your family enjoyed dinner. Thanks for coming to Nora’s.

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