Get a great seat for First Friday

Yes, we do reserve even for First Friday 

Our experiment last year to simply open the doors and take whoever walked in was not very happy … for you or us. So in case you’re thinking we’re still in that mode: don’t. We DO take reservations, which you can make on the phone or here at our blog (look to your right for the reservation button). Even for first Friday. But never fear, if you tend to plan late, (what? … a Hoodie who doesn’t plan in advance?) we will still have room for walk-ins. And we are now open until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

And here’s what’s up for dinner

  • Mountain Shadow double thick bone-in pork chops, poblano chili rellano, Oaxacan fruit and tomato sauce
  • Alaskan salmon, lacinato kale and mint dolmas, preserved lemon broth, shell and snow peas, grape mustard butter
  • Curried lamb in a  dahl and rice crepe, purple spinach and blueberry yogurt raita
  • Early Summer vegetable pot pie with lacinato kale, peas, mushrooms, potatoes, chives, spring garlic and broccoli raab
  • 12-ounce Cascade Natural rib eye, smoked cheddar gnocchi, grilled garlic scapes

Dessert: Oh, summer fruit has us in its grip. Rainbow is making:

  • Frozen chocolate mousse truffles with amaretto and fresh Chelan cherry sauce
  • Vanilla panna cotta, Quercus Farm strawberries, balsamic reduction
  • Lemon blueberry napoleons

The scoop on Gravy Dave’s

So many of you have asked about our trip to Union, so here’s the high-down. Yep: high. We hiked up into the Wallowas, making it just into the Eagle Cap wilderness before a rushing stream with no apparent crossing anywhere nearby turned us back. But what a glorious hike, where Catherine Creek rushed full and heady like a lusty, wild river. Our Spencer discovered snow for the first time, and made the most of its corny dustiness, swimming his black and white collie body over and over the wan moguls of early summer.

We stayed at the Union Hotel, a historic 1920’s something three-story brick building that looks mighty out of place across the street from a gas station, Gravy Dave’s and a trailer park. There it sits, with its grandma funkiness writ large, but we loved it, sitting on the wide front pork under the trailing roses, sipping whiskey and smelling the clean, green-scented air. Our two-room suite had a giant claw foot tub, just right for washing off the trail dust. You can leave the windows open all night, and the quiet is a revelation.

And, yes, we had breakfast at Gravy Dave’s where the gravy, biscuits and everything else is made from scratch. Even fresh-grated potato hash browns. It’s the kinda place where, if you’re a local, the waitress doesn’t even take your order. You’re just have the same thing every morning anyhow, so why waste time with the back and forth?

We love rural Oregon (Hood River is not even CLOSE to the Union kind of rural, folks). But it is a tough place to make a business go, and we wonder sometimes how long towns like Union have left before the last resident pulls in the door mat and fades away. Until then, take a weekend sometime this summer and go somewhere in Oregon you’ve never heard of.  It is refreshing and real and worth the drive.

And when you get back, come see us at Nora’s Table and tell us of your travels.

Join us in the vines

It’s one of the best tickets of summer: Wy’East pours their wonderful wines, out in the oldest Pinot Noir vineyard in the Gorge, and we cook you dinner. It’s coming up July 23. Cost is $75, unless you’re a wine club member, and then it’s $69. And Dick and Christie make sure your glass is always full of the good stuff.

Here’s our menu:

  • Gougeres with basil chive goat cheese and duck cracklings
  • Butter lettuce, French roquefort vinaigrette, shower of fresh herbs, walnut crostini
  • Seared scallops, French green lentils, house-made pancetta, grape mustard
  • Wild Alaskan salmon, Italian salsa verde, creamed sweet corn and cherry tomatoes
  • Roast leg of lamb stuffed with merguez lamb sausage, pistachios, mint and preserved lemon on potato tahini puree, fresh fig chutney
  • Chocolate tiramisu

Please call Wy’East Winery to make a reservation, 541-386-1277, or stop by the tasting room on Highway 35.


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