Scenes from Summer

Scenes from summer                   

While you’ve been out frisking in the sunshine, we’ve been going holy-jumpin’-up-and-down-Martha full tilt, and frankly, we haven’t had time to write.

But here are a few things about summer we’ve loved so far:

Phone conversation with cherry grower and wine maker Brian McCormick:

“Hey, Brian, whatcha up to?”

“Oh, I’m just laying on my back in the grass, looking up into a cherry tree.”

Phone conversation with rancher Jim Hanna of Mountain Shadow Meats during haying season. He has to park the combine before he can take our order.

Dr. Sam Taylor, enjoying dinner at an outside table, sends word through server Jacque Cannon that he’d like the vegetarian enchilada REALLY spicy, please. Justin and Kathy get devious grins. Dr. Taylor gets sweaty eye balls.

The gleam in the eye of Hood River Organic farmer Brian Shaw when he asks casually if we’d like some CHERRY TOMATOES when none of our other farmers have them yet. Duh-uh. Yippee for the hoop house!

Rainbow lining up hotel pans full of pickles: zucchini, cauliflower, beets, carrots, green beans. Winter is really not that far away.



Waste not, want not

This is how dirt begins: an unsightly bus bin of dining room scraps; buckets of kitchen prep scraps, from corn husks to fish heads.

Compost? All that? Yep, you bet. We are proud to say we are part of a “beta test” with DirtHuggers, your friendly neighborhood dirt makers. In addition to the kitchen fruit and veggies scraps we’ve been composting with them, we are now putting ALL our organic matter, even the gnawed lamb shank bones you leave on your plate, into a big bin that gets picked up twice a week.

The best part? With all the other recycling we do, our trash is now minimal.

And now, for the line-up

Here’s what’s on our plates the next few days:

  • Mountain Shadow big meaty pork spare ribs in Pinot Noir bbq sauce, patty pan and smoked cheddar gratin, lacinato kale and pancetta
  • Rogan josh, our very favorite lamb curry
  • Columbia River king salmon, creamy sweet corn, Italian salsa verde, cherry tomatoes
  • Grilled ratatouille salad
  • Chilled Hermiston cantaloupe soup with mint basil crème fraiche
  • Pan-seared duck breast, Oregon Jewel organic wild rice and almond pilaf, blackberry sauce, baby squash
  • And for dessert? Oh baby: Key Lime Pie with blackberries; Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake with raspberries; Peach Pecan Crisp and ginger ice cream

See you around Nora’s Table.







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