Things we’d like to say, but then think better of it

Couple of weeks ago, we had a delightful group of doctors in, who were really specific about when they wanted to eat, where they wanted to sit and how long they had to dine with us. Really.

We ever so much wanted to approach the table and say, “We can’t take your order for 45 minutes, but here as some tattered three-year old Family Circle magazines to keep you occupied until then.”

But we restrained ourselves. And lest any of our many doctor friends get the hrumpphs from our little joke: we know, we know. Health care in America isn’t that much fun for anybody, including sometimes, our docs.

On a completely different “things we’d like to say” topic, last Sunday afternoon, Stu and Kathy went down to Snap Fitness and found they had the place entirely to themselves. Stu ran around gleefully changing the four television channels (we don’t have cable at home): two to football, two to food channels.

And in between sets, we discovered we’re exactly like that high-end high-rise Singapore restaurant that opened recently. On opening night, a server brought a plate back to the kitchen. “They say it’s too salty.”  The chef replied cheerily, “Let’s send them out something special. How about a complimentary kick in the ass?”

If only Kathy had thought of that a few weeks back when some guests sent our wonderful seared scallops back with the same complaint. Kathy, Stu, Sam, Justin and Heather huddled around the scallops, tasting away. We all shook our heads. Nope, not too salty. Just like we send out every other time, for rave reviews. But everyone tastes things differently, and there’s the rub. Kathy didn’t send out a complimentary kick in the ass. She sent out a new plate of scallops, with absolutely NO salt. And they were thrilled: “Perfect!” Should we cut back on the salt in the scallop dish? Nope. We hew to the middle road, and know some they will want more salt and  others  will want less. You can’t always get what you want.

Hey, guess what? You CAN always get what you want!

Contrary to our own lamentation above, we have figured out a way you can get what you want each and every Cheap Date Night, from October 5 through April 1.

In last week’s newsletter, we included a survey asking what you wanted to eat for Cheap Date Night this year. Do you want fish tacos every single Wednesday (like we did two years ago) or do you want something different each Wednesday (like we did last year). Well, 75% of you wanted something different each Wednesday. But about 22% are stuck on those darn fish tacos in the same way you can’t get “It’s a Small World After All” out of your head.

So, we’ll make BOTH groups happy. Every Wednesday night beginning October 5, you can choose between fish tacos, OR something else (no mixing and matching), at a ridiculously low two-for-one price. Could be gumbo or tamales or soup & salad or mussel and clam steamers, or who knows. How’s that? Reservations recommended; no takeout.

And now, for what’s on our plates this week

A farmer lamented to us the other day that since harvest was so late, it didn’t synch up with the crush of the tourist season. Most of the tourists were here in July and August; must of the harvest this year is late August and September.

But for you, dear diners, that means we have lots of wonderful fresh stuff still on our plates, and here’s some of what we’re doing with it:

  • Wildwood Farm Eden’s Gem melon salad, chaat masala, mint, cilantro and ginger yogurt
  • Crispy wedge of pork belly, Gravenstein apple and fennel salad with honey walnuts, salted caramel
  • Grilled fresh gulf prawns, grilled salsa, heirloom tomatoes, masa sopas
  • Pumpkin samosas, red onion date chutney
  • Fresh ono in escabeche with house-pickled peppers, beans and carrots, windflower baby squash and roasted tomatoes, onions,  summer savory
  • ·        Grilled tandoori-spice-rubbed Mountain Shadow lamb chops, coconut masoor dahl, green beans, curried pear gastrique
  • ·        Seared duck breast, Oaxacan tomato and fruit sauce, Quercus Farm chili rellanos with goat cheese and golden raisins


Rainbow still has wonderful fresh fruit for desserts, incorporated with a few other dessert essentials such as chocolate, caramel, and uh, more chocolate:

  • Pistachio Panna Cotta, Parkdale cherries, chocolate sauce, chocolate tuile
  • Chocolate blackout cake, carmel and chocolate sauce, Dancing Moon strawberries
  • Warm Hood River Organic nectarine Rustic Tart, ginger maple ice cream


What ELSE might fall bring?

So, get ready: It’ll be October 5 and time to launch into Cheap Date Night before you know it. But we’ll also be bringing back our simply dirt-cheap Five Course Chef’s Tasting Menu in October, too. That’s five courses for $30; and pair wines with all five courses for an additional $20.


See you around Nora’s Table.




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  1. We’re headed out of town this weekend; if we were here, I know where we’d have dinner!!

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