Our Thanksgiving, at your house

Want to eat what our families are eating this Thanksgiving? We’re fixing up whole Thanksgiving dinners to go. We’re preparing them in  increments of six, so that you can get a whole turkey in the bargain. We are using really nice northwest natural turkeys. I’ve cooked them the past several years … really juicy. Why six? Well, the whole turkey thing, plus a pie has six pieces, and even if you just have four for dinner, you get LEFTOVERS which is what Thanksgiving is all about, right? J It will be available for pick-up between noon and 5:00 on the day before Thanksgiving. We’ll also be doing payment in advance (credit card is fine.)

Thanksgiving menu

You may order your dinner in increments of 6, at $35 a person.


Whole brined and roasted Northwest Natural turkey

Traditional fresh herb stuffing made with our own Nora’s Table bread

Yukon Gold mashed potatoes with cream and butter

Pan-roasted turkey gravy with Madeira and shallots

Choose three side dishes from this list

Candied ginger sweet potatoes

Brussels sprouts with smoked bacon

Green beans almandine

Waldorf salad

Roasted squash and celeriac salad with grape mustard vinaigrette

Fresh cranberry orange relish

Traditional cooked cranberry relish


Choose one dessert from this list for each six-person meal (so if you are ordering for 12, for example, you can choose two different pies)

Pumpkin pie

Dutch apple pie

Flourless bourbon chocolate cake


One response to “Our Thanksgiving, at your house

  1. Marketing suggestion. The menu sounds wonderful. But for me, I just cannot imagine ordering Thanksgiving Dinner. The holiday is as much about family doing the preparation together as it is the food itself. But in reading your blog entry it came to me: Why not offer your recipes for some of your dishes? Make this a regular feature of the blog. It is a basic principle of marketing to offer something for “free” to gain a customer. And enticing visitors to read the blog to get the recipes could encourage readership, and this will spill over into visitors to Nora’s! Some will be enticed by the further stimulation of their senses from imagining the smells and sights. For many it will trigger salivation as they imagine the taste and texture. And those that go on to make a dish themselves will always remember where it came from and keeping a business in mind is always a positive factor in customer generation. For a big event like Thanksgiving Dinner: offer a recipe a week leading up to it – to get those memories constantly “refreshed” and reinforced. As for me – you can start with the recipe for that delicious sounding gravy: with “Madeira and shallots”. See – just saying it got my mouth watering! 🙂

    This Thanksgiving, I’ll be in Moscow Idaho preparing the turkey, and my cranberry sauce for dinner for my mother and sisters family. But when it comes time for “thanks” Nora’s and the many wonderful meals my wife and I and friends have shared there, (and several you have catered elsewhere) will be in my thoughts. Thank-you Kathy.(and Rainbow!)

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