We’re back!

We’re back! Help us get the word out

Hello, dear winter friends. We re-open this Wednesday, February 1, fresh from our winter break.

Just in time for Cheap Date Night! And what are we doing to celebrate? Oh man it’s gonna be a taco bonanza. In addition to our regular 2-for-1 tacos at $9, you can choose instead to binge on the all-you-can-eat taco extravaganza, $12 per person.

And is it just fish tacos? Nah, that would get monotonous after about six tacos, dontcha think? So we’re preparing three tacos for you to choose from: our yummy regular rockfish taco; a pork, green chili and tomatillo taco; and for our vegetarian fans, a roasted squash taco. Yep, we would love it if you’d make reservations, especially if you’re dining with a wolf pack.

And would you do something for us? We’ve never asked you to do this before, but we would so appreciate it if you would forward this newsletter on to your friends, or just share a Facebook note: Hey, Nora’s Table reopens this Wednesday February 1!

Thanks, you’re the best.

Valentines, we haven’t forgotten you

Yes, we are taking reservations for Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14. If you don’t think you’ll be feeling particularly romantic on a Tuesday night, no worries, because we’ll be rolling out the rose-strewn red carpet on Friday, February 10 and Saturday, February 11 too.

Expect special dishes, such as a 28-day dry aged rib eye, luscious grilled lamb chops, a fresh crab salad, and an array of Rainbow’s amazing desserts, on all three nights. No expensive pre fixe menu … just our great selection of small plates and main courses, as usual.

Coming to a desk near you: your lunch

On February 13, you workaholics and office-bound starving masses yearning for a quick, easy lunch alternative will hit the jackpot. That’s the day we launch My Lunch In.

Here’s how it works. Just go to mylunchin.com (NOT YET … it won’t be live until February 13), choose your lunch, select your delivery time and delivery location, or the time you’d like to pick up your lunch at Nora’s Table, pay, and go back to work.

Where will we deliver? Well, in this early roll-out period, we’ll be delivering to the Waucoma Building, to somewhere on the waterfront (to be determined…got any suggestions?) and to the Winery Building in Bingen. We’re picking delivery places where people generally have to get in their cars and drive to get to lunch, or drive to get to Nora’s Table. Everybody else? Well, when you select your pick-up time at Nora’s Table, and you walk in the door, your lunch will be waiting for you. And since you’ve paid on line, no need to say more than “Howdy do,” take your lunch, and go. Don’t you wish we’d thought of this before?

Choices? Ho boy. If you pick a hot lunch, you can ask for it to be hot when it’s delivered or when you pick it up at Nora’s; or, you can request it be cold and ready for the microwave, so it’s ready to eat when you are. All our lunches will be served in either reusable or compostable microwavable containers.

What’s on the menu? Well, we’re gonna make you wait just a bit for that. We’ll have a menu up soon on our My Lunch In Facebook page. Watch for our “Yes, There is a Free Lunch” contest, too. But we can promise you this: it’s the same passionate, flavorful food made from local and sustainable sources that you’ve come to love at Nora’s Table. Now get back to work.

And we’ll see you soon around Nora’s Table.


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