Dine after 8:00 on Valentine’s, and we’ll reward you

You can’t help it: it’s been a busy week! So you forgot to make Valentine’s dinner reservations, and now your main squeeze is giving you the stink eye. Because why?

Because your favorite place, Nora’s Table (just rated “Best Restaurant Food” in the Gorge by the readers of the Gorge Guide) is all booked up. Straight through till 8:00.

Have no fear. You can still be a lover boy (or girl) with this simple solution. Make your reservation for our last hour of service, anytime from 8:00 to 9:00, which is not only more romantic, but rewarding.  Because you get free dessert! Yes! Come in after 8:00 with a reservation, and each of you will enjoy a free dessert, made by our lovely and talented pastry chef, Mrs. Rainbow Trosper.

And what is she making, you ask? Here’s what’s on the dessert menu for Valentine’s:

  • Funnel of Love: warm funnel cake, shaved chocolate, salted caramel ice cream
  • Mascarpone brulee tartlets, roasted pears, ancho chocolate sauce
  • White chocolate passion fruit dacquoise, strawberry mint coulis

Why are we doing this? Simple. We only have so many seats, and they are booked early in the night. (It is a Tuesday, after all) . But we’re wide open after 8:00, and we’d love to have your booty in our seats.

Caution: those seats from 8 pm to 9 pm are limited to seats available. And the free dessert is also limited by what we have on hand after 8:00. We hope to have ALL the desserts available, but one may be sold out.





2 responses to “Dine after 8:00 on Valentine’s, and we’ll reward you

  1. Already booked up on open table! This is an effective blog!

    • Maria, you should STILL be able to make a reservation for after 8:00 by reserving through Urban Spoon … right from our blog. See the “reservation” button to the right of the post on the blog home page.

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