Still Seats for Phelps Creek Wine Dinner

We’ve still got room … a few seats left … for dinner at our place this coming Thursday, March 15, for the Phelps Creek wine dinner.

Why should you come to this dinner? Restaurants and wineries put on a lot of special dinners this time of year. We were just reading about one the other day at a fine place in Portland … five courses, vegetarian, $100, not including wine or tip.

Call us remote, and that’s the truth. Sometimes here in the Gorge, we just have to try harder, and we’re OK with that. And for you, dear readers, that means a nice value. So for $85, you get welcomed with sparkling wine and gougeres, and then we follow that up with five courses and an intermezzo, and the $85 a person includes wine and gratuity.¬† If you already live here, bonus!

You can see the menu by clicking on the “Upcoming Events” button above.

Then call us and reserve those last few seats. We’ll like to welcome Alexandrine Roy, Phelps Creek’s French winemaker, with a full house.


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