April Showers Bring Cooking Classes

Here’s a fun thing to do in April if you love to cook. You can sign up to attend Chef Kathy’s cooking class, offered as part of the wonderful Hood River Travel to Learn program that’s happening here in the Hood from March 23 to April 22. To check out all the really cool classes for kids and adults, visit Travel to Learn.

Kathy’s three-hour class will be offered on April 14, and she’s cooking it up with her sous chef, Rainbow Trosper, at the Columbia Cliff Villas. You get to cook, eat lunch, drink local wines and stare gaga eyed at the beautiful view from the Villas. If you want to come to the class, it’s $65 a person. But why not make a weekend of it? Stay at the Villas, and the class is FREE. Even you locals might like a little getaway.

So what are we teaching? Some of the year’s most luscious vegetables come to our plates in spring: fresh peas, artichokes, chives, spinach and spring onions. In our cooking class, you’ll be using these spring delights to learn some valuable kitchen techniques, such as:

  • Make your own fresh pasta
  • Create and spice hand-made aiolo
  • Make a fresh, quick soup that retains all those bright green spring colors
  • Create a super-elegant frozen dessert that takes no last-minute fiddling, a real blessing when you’re entertaining


  • Spring artichoke soup with curried aioli
  • Pappardelle pasta with fresh shell peas and snow peas,  pancetta, cream, parmesan and a fresh farm egg
  • Lemon semifreddo with raspberry sauce

Sign up for the class, or reserve your suite, by visiting Columbia Cliff Villas. 

Wednesday: Your Nearly Almost Last Cheap Date on Earth

Could be. You never know. In actual fact, if you live to the end of March, there are two more Cheap Date Nights before we end our special Wednesdays and dive into “tourist season” which is marked by April 1 and the re-opening of Mike’s Ice Cream. And then, you’ll have to resort to finding old French fries under your car seats for cheap meal options.

We asked around to find out what made people the most happy on Cheap Date Night this year, and the answer was: Tacos, different kinds, and an endless supply.  So this Wednesday, here’s what you can have:

The usual 2-for-1 tacos, but you can choose from rockfish, pork chili verde, or roasted squash, all on our fab house-made masa tortillas. For $9, you get four tacos, of any variety. But if you want to be a piggy about it, you can order all-you-can eat of any of the tacos for $12.

Taste us in Portland. Twice.

Sometimes you go to the big city, you look around, and you say, “Hey, there’s no Nora’s Table here. ”

But we’re changing that twice in April. Nora’s Table is honored to be preparing the appetizers served at the Portland Grand Tasting on April 9 at the Melody Ball Room.

That’s the night more than 28 of our tom-terrific wineries bring Gorge wines to Portland. And this year, we’re dishing up the accompaniments.

And we are also honored to be one of 13 restaurants asked to present at what is being called the state’s largest wine tasting event, UnWine’d, on April 29 in Portland. Presented by the Oregon Wine Board,  you’ll get to sip through 100 wineries, and wonderful food, for $50 a person. The presenting restaurants are all “Superior Cellars” dining rooms, an award given by the Oregon Wine Press.

Hope to see you there, or here at home around Nora’s Table.


3 responses to “April Showers Bring Cooking Classes

  1. I would love to sign up for this class. Please let me know how. Thanks!

  2. Just signed up on the Columbia Cliff Villas website. Hopefully, there will be at least 8 people 🙂

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