Sounds fishy, but in a good way

Ocean conditions are improving, and we’re starting to see lots of lovely fish heading our way. Tonight, for Friday, we’ve got a beautiful Oregon ling cod, and we’re serving it with creamy leeks, roasted marble potatoes and grilled asparagus.

On Saturday, what a rare treat: fresh Washington razor clams.  Clams of any shape or size always remind Kathy of her first cooking job in a restaurant on the fisherman’s wharf in Santa Cruz, CA (38 years ago? Wow) where she was compelled to make gallons and gallons of chowder every day.  That’s our inspiration for this dish, a kind of deconstructed chowder: Fried razor clams, golden potato wedges, crispy planks of applewood smoked bacon, all piled happily on a bed of celery coulis.

Our salads are getting extra panache this week as our farmers come out of hibernation. We’ve got fresh lettuces and assorted tangy greens from Quercus Farm and Wildwood Farm. Get your green on!

And for you meat lovers, we are thrilled to have Mountain Shadow’s superior rib eye steaks back in the house. Jim Hanna only has a few of these available each week, and we feel honored to have them. Such great local beef, raised without added hormones and antibiotics. It’s Jim’s beef chuck in our burgers, too, which we grind in-house, so you know there’s no sweepings from the floor, no hummingbird lips, and no slime of any kind. You can order it rare with confidence, if you like.

Sun, art, blossoms, wine: does it get any better?

There’s so much going on in The Hood this weekend, you will need a dance card. Our wineries are celebrating Passport Weekend, it’s the start of Blossom Fest, and time again for Gorge Artists Open Studios. And the sun is shining!

Remember that we are now open seven nights a week, so you can join us on Friday and Saturday nights when the joint is hoppin’ or come in Sunday when it’s a bit quieter. Either way, you can reserve on our web site,, at Open Table, or on the phone at 541-387-4000.

News on the Lunch Front

Come see us Monday through Friday for lunch. You can order and pay on-line at, or just walk in the door.  We’ve been doing a lot of group lunches lately, and here’s what one customer wrote us this morning:

“I have been getting lots of positive feedback on the box lunches that were provided for our meeting at the Columbia Center for the Arts yesterday. I normally do not get feedback on food provided for meetings so wanted to pass this information along so you know that some of our guys enjoyed their lunch so much that they were compelled to let me know.”

Aw, geeze. Thanks so much.

See you around Nora’s Table.


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  1. I ended up on here a few weeks ago and I truly can’t get enough! Please keep writing!

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