Breakfast at Nora’s? Maybe

We’ve been contemplating it for some time. Kathy wrote the first menu for a possible breakfast at Nora’s nearly four years ago.

But things kept getting in the way. Like the recession. Like wedding catering.  Like re-booting the kitchen after staff departures. Like the notion that what this town really needed was another lunch place and a lunch delivery service. Or maybe not.

Some things work well. We’re thrilled with our kitchen right now, with a talented and dedicated staff. We’re thrilled with finally making it to seven nights a week. A schedule, by the way, that we’re going to keep through the fall and winter.

But we’re starting to think there are just too dang many lunch options in this town, including four new ones launched just this summer.

And people keep saying this word to us: “Breakfast.”  Followed by, “Please?!”

So before we make this leap, we thought maybe we should ask you some questions about breakfast and whether you’d be interested in joining us for same, and how often. So would you please help us out and answer a few breakfast questions? Take the survey by clicking here and get a little surprise at the end.

Our guests are electrifying the place

If you thought Kathy, our chef and owner just cooked your food, you would be living in the same dreamland the chef and owner did when she started this place.  Here are just a few tasks she’s shouldered just this summer:

·       Solved the grease trap odor problem

·       Bought a toilet brush (New! Unused!) to clean the meat grinder      tube

·       Managed our way through a walk-in compressor motor failure in 90 degree heat

·       Exchanged 650 e-mails with catering clients

·       Figured out what to do with kohlrabi (see following story)

·       Read a 110 page state health department document on how to apply for a variance so that we can make our own pickles and keep them more than a week. Which apparently, we can’t do without paying a food chemist an ungodly amount of money to test and retest our recipes, which, by the way, are the SAME recipes offered by the USDA for making pickles, but don’t get us started. Hope you like your pickles YOUNG.

Anyhow, when the wait staff said someone had pulled the outdoor lighting wires out of the plug … which Stu had just repaired … again … she just sighed, got the toolbox and headed outside. And there, sitting at an outdoor table, was Carl Peron and Sherry Ball, who got all into the re-wiring job, and kept Kathy from electrocuting herself by Googling on their phones which wires attached to what in the plug. (You mean it makes a difference?)

It takes a village to light a restaurant.

The purple kohlrabi solution, or what we’re dishing this week

The minute they pull those first Gravenstein apples from the tree, we’re all over that. And if you grate them and toss them with grated purple kohlrabi (which is earthy and spicy like radish) and dress them with a salted caramel vinaigrette and add some honey walnuts, by golly, they go wonderful with a nice, crispy slice of pork belly.

And here’s some of what else you’ll find on the menu right now:

·       Chilled melon soup with prosciutto and fig vin cotto

·       Grilled Jimmy Nardello peppers, grilled eggplant, both from Hood River Organic with lemon garlic pimenton aioli

·       House-made pappardelle pasta, Wildwood baby artichokes and Quercus Farm broccoli raab leaves, lemon, bacon, grana cheese and cream with a farm egg

See you around Nora’s Table.


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