We’re over the yips now

When Stu was about five years old, his Mom invited him to stand on a chair in the kitchen and help her make cookies. His job was to crack an egg and empty the contents into a bowl. On his first try, he cracked the egg just fine, but let it go into the sink instead of the bowl. Second try: same thing. Third try: well, maybe some other day.

This became known in our family as “having the yips.”

We admit we had the yips the first few weeks of breakfast. We were slow and a little goofy-footed. But we got those eggs DOWN now, and we’re rippin’ fast on serving up the ol’ grits and biscuits and gravy and stuffed French toast and Louisiana eggs Benedict, and oh, we could go

So if you’ve been waiting for us to settle into the saddle, we done it. See you this weekend. Breakfast is every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7 am. We serve until 11 am on Friday and Saturday, and keep slinging the hash until noon on Sunday.

What’s in the house for dinner?

So very happy to still be getting righteously delicious produce from our farmers, thanks to the great Indian summer, and oh yeah, a pretty good crop of farmers, too. Thanks, everyone!

So were charring up some beautiful eggplant and making a smoky, garlicky baba ghanoush, lying on a slice of grilled green tomato, some fingerling potatoes with olives, parsley and a dash of lemon tahini. What could top that? A fat piece of sturgeon fillet, of course.

Rainbow has been busy imagining sweet fall treats. We’re got pumpkin crème brulee made from Dickey Farm’s sweet meat pumpkins, with a cinnamon oat Florentine; rustic apple pear tart with ginger ice cream; and a peanut butter chocolate layer cake.

Feeling cheap? Have we got the deal for you.

Grab your honey and put a little mad money in your pocket. Because this Wednesday is the launch of our annual fall/winter local’s reward: Cheap Date Night. Reward for what? Well, being our loyal customers of course.

What’s the deal? We’re starting this Wednesday with your choice of our incomparable rockfish tacos, two for the price of one: two plates (four tacos) for $9. Or, you can have two heaping bowls of steamer clams with pancetta, herbs, white wine and grilled bread, two for the price of one: two bowls for $10.

See you around Nora’s Table.


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