Cheap Date Night premiers tonight, Wednesday October 17

Hear that faint rustling sound? That’s a guy pulling one thin bill out of his wallet to pay for dinner at Nora’s this Wednesday. Yep, it’s that time again. Cheap Date Night is here each Wednesday until the end of March.

And what’s up for inaugural dinner? Two big crowd favorites. Your choice of:  our rockfish tacos, two plates for $9, OR, steamer clams with pancetta, white wine and herbs and grilled bread, two bowls for $10.

Get all the gossip here this Friday morning

We always love places people can go to chew the news and bacon at the same time. So now that we’ve started breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, we thought we’d launch something we hope becomes a tradition in your week: Friday Morning Gossip Club.

Come join us at the two tables in the front window anytime between 7 am and 9 am. There will be a host, our own Egghead for the day, who will welcome you and introduce you around the group if you don’t know everyone. We’ll serve FREE coffee or tea, and you can order a pastry or breakfast if you like, or not.

This Friday morning at 7:00, join man-about-town Egghead Greg Colt. When asked to perform Egghead duties, Mr. Colt replied, “I am very flattered to have such an honor bestowed upon me and furthermore blah, blah and blah, blah, blah.” So you have THAT to look forward to on Friday. Which is nice. We’ll have the bottomless cup waiting for you.

Wanna serve as Egghead yourself some Friday? Let us know. (Eggheads get a free breakfast, too. )

So long ripe heirloom tomatoes; hello roasted root vegetables

We hate to see them go, but the last tomatoes on the vine have lost their resolve. It’s time to bid a fond farewell to the fruits of summer.

But no worries, because fall is one of our favorite harvest times: chilies, winter squash, and lush herbs that were beat back by the summer heat. Here are three dishes on the menu this week:

  • Roasted fall vegetable salad with yams, golden beets, carrots and rutabagas,  sage molasses vinaigrette, and candied bacon
  • Alaskan halibut cheeks, fresh corn pudding, tomatillo green chili sauce
  • Mountain Shadow lamb shank osso bucco with fresh pappardelle pasta










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