Ramen: the cheap date that goes both ways

It’s a scientifically proven fact that a bowl of ramen noodles is the perfect dish to eat if you are either celebrating or grieving. (Though if you’re grieving, the addition of a martini is probably helpful.)

As we write this on Tuesday night, we still don’t know the outcome in the presidential election in  Virginia, Florida, Colorado or Ohio, and so we can say with certainty that … we don’t know whether to celebrate, or go out on the deck in the crisp fall air, and cry.

But by tomorrow night, our regular Wednesday Cheap Date Night, we’ll know, and gee, we thought ramen would be perfect for that. So, in addition to our two-for-one rockfish tacos, we’ll have two nice bowls of ramen for $14. And not just any ramen: we’re starting with a house-made dashi broth, adding fresh noodles, fresh Hawaiian opa, fresh corn and chanterelle mushrooms, with a hint of togarashi, miso, ginger and cilantro. Steaming hot to your table.  Add a lovely fresh greens salad from Quercus Farm (YES, we still have local farm salad greens) and you’ve got a great dinner for two.

When **** breaks, it comes in waves

We’re not sure what kind of black cloud we might be under, but it’s all over now, right? Because bad things come in threes, and we’re at our three limit. On Saturday, our kitchen freezer died, our rice maker died, and our dessert refrigerator died. And did we mention that November is our slowest month?

But wait. Just wait. Because then we got to thinking about our friends on the east coast. And we realized that we still have our home, and our friends, and we’re still going out with our dogs for runs in the sunshine, and there isn’t any sand waist high on our street. We’re taking regular showers, and flicking our lights on and off in a care-free way.

When Kathy was a kid, she remembers singing a hymn on Sundays:  “Count your blessings, name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done…”

So if we started counting those blessings today, we’d be way into next Saturday before we reached the end. Bad freezers and rice makers and fridges, you don’t stand a chance!

Breakfast: multiple eggheads AND chanterelles

So, just to update you on our breakfast plans this Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

The ENTIRE Hood River Chamber of Commerce staff is our eggheads this Friday, from 8 to 9. What does that mean to you? Come in and join them from 8 am to 9 am, and you can enjoy FREE coffee, breakfast if you wish, and a chance to meet and talk with Kerry, Emily, and the whole crew.

And just in case you’re in the mood for an omelet, our omelet this weekend is stuffed with fresh, local chanterelle mushrooms, bacon, sour cream, and aged cheddar. Yikes.

Fresh off the boat: from the Pacific to your mouth

We are always looking for the best, freshest, most sustainable seafood for your plate, and beginning Wednesday night, through Friday, we have a wonderful story to tell you.

Our friends at SP Provisions in Portland have made friends with a small seafood company in Astoria. So, once a week, fresh off the boat, they’re bringing us the best the Pacific has to offer. So please dig in to a plate of spanking-fresh Oregon sea bass, one of our truly most favorite Pacific catches.

And what are we pairing it with? The best that’s coming from local farmers: a silky-smooth pudding of fresh Dickey Farms corn, cream, fresh eggs and a little corn masa, and a sauce of roasted tomatillos and peppers, from Wildwood Farm and Windflower Farm.

See you around Nora’s Table, and hope your team wins.



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