Of hidden kale and green tomatoes

TWO eggheads this Friday: join them at 8:00

Our Friday Morning Gossip Hour has taken a couple of weeks off, so as not to conflict with the Chamber Coffee Clatter for one, and so as not to conflict with the morning after Thanksgiving.

But the yak is on this Friday, November 30, which is a momentous day in the Hood, followed in the evening by the wonderful Holiday parade and tree lighting.

So who are our Egghead hosts? Two of our favorite downtown people, joined at the book-binding, as it were. Muir and Jenny Cohen, owners of Waucoma bookstore, will be hosting our Gossip Hour. We have loved them since they arrived in Hood River to take over, and nurture, our favorite bookstore ever.

What is Friday Gossip Hour? Come in on Friday, between 8 and 9, join the group at the front window tables, enjoy FREE coffee, and order breakfast, if you like. Get to know some terrific people, and gossip a bit.

Welcome to Hood River: Kale Capital of the World

We are not immune to being a bit down in the mouth when the sky is as gray as it was today. Did you know that down in Los Angeles, the 50 or some farmer’s markets around the city are still selling red, ripe tomatoes? And will STILL be selling red, ripe tomatoes in January?

There are trade-offs, though. We may not have year round tomatoes, though our farmers are still, very sheepishly, offering us green tomatoes. You know what those are: Our dear grandmother Rose would have called those green tomatoes “shlamazel tomatoes.” And what is a shlamazel? A fool who can fall over backwards and break his nose.

But shlamazel tomatoes or no, we do get to live HERE. And here, we have kale year round. We kid you not. Kale is available every month of the year from our farmers. And so we are challenged to figure out what to do with it, week after week after week. Oy vey.

Not to worry. We find some interesting ways to sneak this highly nutritious food into your dishes at Nora’s without so much as an “ouch!”  Even at breakfast.

Snuggle up to a Brussels Sprout this Wednesday

For Cheap Date Night this Wednesday, we are tucking local Brussels Sprouts into a cheesy macaroni with bacon and sharp cheddar. Yep, a nice iron skillet of mac and cheese and BS and bacon. Two skillets full for $9. Plus, our regular fish tacos, two plates for $9.

What else we got? Here are a few dishes you can enjoy with us this week:

  • Fried green shlamazel tomatoes and fried baby artichoke hearts, buttermilk blue cheese dressing
  • Salad of chioga beets, kumquats, goat cheese, honey pistachios, wild winter greens
  • Fresh California corvina, red kuri squash coulis, lemongrass coconut rice cakes
  • Mountain Shadow lamb shank ragu, four cheese and kale raviol,

Yes, you do love us, and we know why

How many places do you know that have a Cheap Date Night and a Friday Gossip Hour? Most places just have Specials. We are special. So we got that going for us. Which is nice. See you around Nora’s Table.




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