Travel the world with us every Wednesday

We are tired of tacos. How about you? We still want to give you a terrific deal on Wednesday for our Cheap Date Night, but we’re losing interest in the regular two-fer thing.

So for each Wednesday for the month of December, we’re bringing you and your squeeze a three-course dinner from one of our favorite world cuisines.  You will get a three course-meal …  starter, main course and dessert … for $30 for TWO. Yes, that’s right: $15 a person.  And we’ll pair beers and wine with the courses for another $8 per person, if you wish. .  We’re preparing these dinners for the first 20 people who reserve (10 lucky couples), or you can take your chances at the door. Of course, if more people reserve, we’ll cook more! So please reserve now, for any country that suits your fancy, or book them all.

Here’s our travel schedule:

Wednesday, December 5: Belgium

Wednesday, December 12: Italy

Wednesday, December 19: Spain

Wednesday, December 26: Mexico

Here is our three-course menu for this Wednesday, December 5:

Oeufs froids avec des Poireaux (Braised leeks with eggs)

Carbonnades de Porc Bruxelloises (Belgian pork stew)

Truffel kwarktaart  (Truffle cheesecake)

Mr. Romance Strikes at 5:10 am

Kathy was getting ready to come in and cook Sunday breakfast when she saw a text come in on her phone. At 5:10 am. “Well,” she thought, “This could only mean one thing. Someone is making a reservation for Valentine’s Day.”

Yep, we’ll call him Mr. Romance, and he was indeed making a reservation for February 14. And wouldn’t you just love that to be YOUR guy (or gal), thinking ahead like that?

Which just reminds us. Have you made your New Year’s reservation? Don’t let Mr. Romance clean your clock in the preparedness department.

What will we be having? Review our menu here. And then to reserve, dial us up the old way at 541-387-4000, or book online through our web site,, or through Open Table. Hours for December 31 are 6 to 11 pm.


At the end of the day, the thing is … STOP IT!

Sous Chef Rainbow and Chef Kathy spend much of the day in the kitchen, listening to the radio; OPB, of course. They have become, shall we say, irritated, at the banal repetition of certain phrases delivered without much sympathy for the beauty of original thought. And so, we provide here a list of phrases we hope never to hear again in our lives. We have about as much hope of getting this for Christmas as we do world peace, but now we’ve said OUR piece.

The never-to-be repeated phrases:

“At the end of the day…”

“I know, right?”

“The thing is …”

“I’m reaching out to you …”

“It’s all good.”

“It is what it is.”

And here’s one we experienced not too long ago at a class we attended. And we can only hope and pray it doesn’t end up on everyone’s tongue. The teacher told us we could leverage additional training at the Web site. Then she told us we could leverage coffee in the back of the room. Then she told us (and this is where our tongue started to itch) that we could LEVERAGE the bathroom down the hall to the right.

See you soon around Nora’s Table, where it’s all good.







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