We’re back this Wednesday

We’re back, and you’re hungry

We re-open this Wednesday, January 16 at 5:00. There, that should take the sting out of that sub-zero you’ve been enduring.

If you’ve been reading our blog here, you know that Stu and Kathy have been zipping around the greater LA area like bats at sunset, eating at one terrific place after another, although we would say in the final analysis: Portland beats LA by a nose. And a tail. Even though we had the most amazing pig’s tails last night at Night+Market.

So here’s what two weeks of sunshine and adventure have wrought: new ideas for your plates. Here’s some of what you’ll see on our menus this week:

·       Golden beet and kumquat salad on frisee, lemon thyme vinaigrette, goat cheese crouton

·       Seared rockfish, crispy rice bars, Burmese ginger pepper sauce

·       Shrimp samosas, red onion date chutney

·       Crispy wedge of pork belly, peanut butter pan perdu, blackberry red pepper jelly, pickled red cabbage

·       Grilled cuttlefish, golden raisins, pine nuts, parsley,  preserved lemon boquerones  vinaigrette

·       Ribeye, roasted sesame kale, togarashi frites, sirachi aioli

·       Seared scallops, roasted leeks and parsnips, walnut parsley vinaigrette

·       Porchetta, roasted potatoes, grilled lacinato kale, figs, fig vincotto

·       Roasted cauliflower and potatoes, carrot coconut curry, carrot chutney, rice and grilled naan

The Russians are coming!

In our continuing effort to take you around the world on our Wednesday Cheap Date Night, this Wednesday, we reopen with a three-course dinner from Russia, for $15, and if you wish, you can pair the three courses with a Vodka tasting for an additional $9.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

·       Vesenny salad, with radishes, cucumbers, eggs, dill, sour cream, rye crouton with beet and horseradish caviar

·       Beef stroganoff with house-made egg noodles

·       Dobostorte, 7 layer cake with chocolate buttercream and caramel

Yes, our regular menu is available Wednesday. However, if you want the Russian meal, please make a reservation, and say, “I want the Russian dinner.”

Breakfast gets crabby

Apparently, chefs from around the world have discovered our Oregon Dungeness crabs, one wag calling them, “the new lobster.” So we don’t totally get them to ourselves anymore. But the sweet and delicious crustacean is making an appearance at breakfast beginning this week. To wit: Crab and spaetzle in brown butter, poached eggs, preserved lemon persillade.

Other new breakfast dishes to enjoy:

·       Swedish ham-stuffed potato dumplings in brown butter with huckleberry jam and eggs any way you like them

·       New Mexico-style open-faced enchilada, red chili mole, goat cheese, fried eggs, blue corn posole

And don’t forget our new breakfast hours:

Friday and Saturday, 8 am to noon

Sunday, 8 am to 1 pm

Gotta go. Plane to catch. See you around Nora’s Table.


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