Morocco and Valentine’s Day

This Wednesday: Morocco

So far, you’ve been with us to Spain, Italy, Belgium, Lebanon, Brazil and Russia. If it’s Wednesday, February 6, it must be Morocco! Three courses, $15 per person. And here’s the menu:
• Cous cous salad with squash, feta, mint
• Chicken tagine with dates, preserved lemons, olives and carrots
• Winter fruits in ginger syrup with cardamom yogurt

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Our rules for a happy, romantic evening, if you happen to be over the age of 50:

1. Eat early. You know why.
2. Buy flowers, not a potted plant. Life is uncertain.
3. If one of you eats garlic, you BOTH eat garlic.

That’s pretty much it. And if you are younger than 50? No rules. How about that.

Here’s some of what you’ll find on our Valentine’s Day line-up. And yes, of course, you’ll want reservations. You can expect our regular menu, with a little fancy footwork:

Oysters on the half-shell, two ways:
• Raw, with fresh grated horseradish and mignonette
• Roasted, with preserved lemon hollandaise and buttered bread crumbs

Golden beet and kumquat salad, goat cheese crouton, lemon thyme vinaigrette

Pan-roasted duck breast, blackberry gastrique, duck fat potatoes, garlicky lacinato kale

Filet mignon, horseradish blue cheese mashed potatoes, oxtail jus, spring peas and carrots

House-made fettucini, bacon lardons, spring peas, leeks, cream, preserved lemon, grana cheese, Quercus Farm egg

And for dessert:

Chocolate mousse trifle, chocolate covered strawberries
Panna cotta, raspberry coulis, almond kisses
Lemon layer cake with cream cheese frosting and lemon curd filling

If Thursdays and romance don’t work for you, we will have these special dishes on our menu through the weekend.

Here’s what happens in May

• The swallows return to San Juan Capistrano*
• Our friends Doug and Darlene come home to the Hood from sailing around the southern end of God Knows Where
• The wind starts blowing in Earnest (and at the Event Site, Dougs, Rowena, Cheap Beach, etc.)
• Nora’s starts serving breakfast 7 days a week

See you around Nora’s Table.

*This would only be true if Capistrano were in the Gorge. The swallows actually return to Capistrano on March 19, but if they were coming HERE, it would probably take them until May. Got that?


2 responses to “Morocco and Valentine’s Day

  1. We would have done the Morocco dinner, but we got the blog post too late to arrange it. Any more more Wednesday three-course dinners on the schedule?

    • Pat, the Moroccan dinner is tomorrow, Feb. 6, so you still have time (unless you have conflicts). And yes, here is the upcoming schedule for Wednesday 3-course $15 dinners: February 13: China; February 20: Ireland; February 27: India.

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