Mysterious cutting board, and this Wednesday’s (2/27) dinner

A cutting board that makes you go, “hmmm…?”

A few weeks ago, with no fanfare, a large, white, completely new, expensive cutting board showed up in our kitchen, racked nicely with the other cutting boards.

Justin noticed it first. “Seems like those cutting boards are multiplying back there.” Kathy thought he was joking. A day or so later, she went to retrieve a board to cut ling cod, and, whoa, “Where did this come from?” she asked around the kitchen. Blank stares.

“We thought you ordered it,” Sergio said.

Kathy looked closely at the board. “Nooo, I didn’t. Could it have come back accidentally from catering?”

“What catering?” asked Cuate. Oh right, we haven’t done any to speak of since December.

Kathy: “Justin, did you…?”
Justin: “Nope, sister.”

Kathy: “Sergio could you have …?”
Sergio: “Not me.”

Kathy: “Cuate, maybe you…”
Cuate: “Un uh”

It’s a really nice cutting board. If anyone knows how it got here, we would love to know. And if it’s yours, you can come get it. Although the board is starting to feel at home here.

It’s India on Wednesday

Super, super sad that not too many of you (OK, who are we kidding … hardly anyone) came in for our Irish dinner last week. We think two things led to our slow night: the previous week’s Valentine’s Day plus three-day weekend fatigue, and maybe, when you think Ireland, you just think potatoes, though we hardly had one in sight.

Never mind, you’re forgiven. Because this week, we are heading to India, a land we know and love well, with mysterious, incredible food that we could eat every single day and never grow tired of. Chef Kathy first tasted real Indian food in 1975, and has been on a quest ever since to understand this amazing cuisine. So we are preparing three savory dishes (no dessert) for you this Wednesday:

Cauliflower and spinach pekoras, mint cilantro chutney
Sambar green bean and potato stew with fresh coconut chutney
Pork vindaloo and rice

Yes, reservations are appreciated.

It’s three courses for $15 per person, plus beer and wine pairings for another $8 per person

Best + Best = BEST!

We were super stoked this past week that the readers of the Gorge Guide, in a reader poll called, “Best of the Gorge” selected us a “Best Restaurant” (two years in a row) and, five months after opening for breakfast, as “Best Brunch.” Kudos to our crew who all work so hard to make this happen. And if you voted for us, well, thanks!

Matt: He’s a Big Rainbow

Matt Patterson, Oregon native and culinary school grad, most recently of the Bay House in Lincoln City (in our opinion, the finest restaurant on the Oregon Coast) joined us in the kitchen this past Monday.

Everyone who comes in for deliveries says, “Are you the new Rainbow?” Matt’s taking it in stride, though at 6’1”, he’s a bit bigger than our last Rainbow. He’s thinking he should get a t-shirt that just says, “The New Rainbow.” But whatever you call him, we’re loving him, and if you come in, please give him a big Hood River Howdy. He’ll be cooking breakfast and doing our daytime prep, alongside Chef Kathy.


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