Upcoming Events

Chef Kathy and French winemaker Alexandrine Roy of Phelp’s Creek Winery are teaming up for a wine dinner this coming Sunday night, March 10, 2013. Yes, there are still seats. Tickets are $75 for wine club members, $85 for non-wine club members. Please call Kathy at the restaurant at 541-387-4000 for reservations. Here is the menu:

Reception: Fleur de Roy Rose of Pinot Noir
Rustic brie and garlic confit tartlets, fig and rosemary jam

1st Course: 2010 Pinot Gris
Oregon Dungeness crab, meyer lemon sorbet, avocado, Asian pears, pea shoots

2nd Course: Coeur de Roy Blanc de Noir
Prawn fumet, grilled prawns, saffron spaetzle, romesco crouton “dunker”

3rd Course: 2010 Phelps Creek Cuvee Alexandrine Pinot Noir
Crisp pork belly, sweet potato gratin, pear and root vegetable relish

4th Course: 2010 Cuvee Alexandrine Gevrey- Chambertin Pinot Noir
Provencal lamb shank, olives, parsley, preserved lemon, roasted fingerling potatoes

5th Course: Vin Dore Gewurztraminer
Panna cotta, almond meringue, candied kumquat, pineapple and sage

Fabulous wines, fabulous food. Please join us.

We continue to dish up Breakfast, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, but our hours have changed a bit from the original. Now it’s 8 a.m. open, and noon close on Friday and Saturday (and 1 p.m. close on Sunday). Look under the Menu tab to see what we’re serving. Yes, we take reservations.

Cheap Date Night: We continue with our special International Menu night on Wednesdays. It’s always a three-course menu, for the bargain price of $15. Add a wine pairing for another $8.


2 responses to “Upcoming Events

  1. Robin Feuerbacher

    I am interested in receiving notice of your dish for the weak for CheapDate Night. Thanks!…Robin

    • Robin, tonight, it’s fish tacos (again) because they are so well-loved. If you would like, I can add your name to our e-mail newsletter list. You would get a newsletter once a week. Would you like me to do that?

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